Friday, June 19, 2009

Alaska Day 2 - Exit Glacier & Kenai Fjords National Park

We were up bright and early with the 4am sunrise. It was light when we went to bed and light when we woke up. I am pretty sure I never saw darkness the whole time we were there, hence the pink eye mask that may appear in photos on a later date.

First up, the paved path to our campground said it was part of the Historic Iditarod Trail and the historic start was only a mile or so away. Patrick, Nathan, Nickie, Luke & I took the trek down the path and checked it out.

Historic Iditarod Trail

Next up, we all got in the RV and drove a couple miles north of Seward to Exit Glacier. We learned that the hike to the glacier was only a mile which was perfect since we already bought tickets for a 3:00pm boat ride. We also learned that the only way we would be able to touch the glacier would be to get wet. Luke was the only one who actually suceeding in not getting wet crossing the water.

Exit Glacier

Us at Exit Glacier

On the way back to Seward, we had our first animal sighting, a gimp moose. Good thing he moved so slowly, otherwise we wouldn't have a picture.


At 3 o'clock we were scheduled for a six hour boat ride just to see a glacier fall into the ocean and puffins. We saw the glacier fall, but no such luck on the puffins. Oh don't worry though, on our other eight hour boat ride we were fortunate enough to see the puffins. We also saw a bald eagle, sea otters, sea lions and two porpoises.

The Orca

The scenary on the way to the glacier.

Kenai Fjords National Park

All seven of us on the boat. Check out Nathan's picture of Luke & Patrick messing around on the boat. Don't worry they got scolded by the captain for the jumping, he even threatened to turn around if someone so much as cut a finger.

Us on the Boat Ride

And for the main attraction we saw pieces of the Aialik Glacier fall into the water.

Aialik Glacier
Our route on the boat ride, except we visited the Aialik Glacier and not the Holgate Glacier.

Our Route

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