Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alaska Day 4 - Halibut Fishing

Again, we were up bright and early Sunday morning for our fishing adventure. We were scheduled to leave the harbor at 7am, so we arrived at the boat a little before 7am. Our fishing spot was an hour and half trip through Kachemak Bay to the Cook Inlet.

Here is our fishing gear. Halibut are bottom feeding fish so we had to use a 3 pound weight to get our line to the bottom of the ocean. Our line had herring on it as bait, Patrick also caught a cod that we used for bait.

Our Fishing Gear

Here are some pictures of Patrick and I reeling up our big catches. I was having more issues than most. Looking back, I am surprised that I didn't lose the $300 pole in the water.


Dad, Nickie, Luke & Nathan reeling up their catch, or the 3 pound weight. Mom decided after reeling up the weight a couple times that she was done fishing.


Here is everyone with one of their halibut. We each caught at least our limit and a couple more for Mom. Check out Nathan's baby fish in the bottom left hand corner. He was bound and determined to catch the biggest fish, but we were running out of time so he had to settle for the baby fish.

The Other Catches

Patrick & I and the halibut we caught.

Our Catch

Our deckhand David, who is from Eden Prairie and is a junior at Bemidji State, filleted our fish as we made the trip back to Homer.

Fish Fileting

It was crazy to watch the seagulls follow the boat all the way back to Homer. David would throw the fish carcasses off the back of the boat and the seagulls would be right there to feed off the carcass.

The Segulls after the fish carcus

Here is our deckhand David, our boat, and our captain Rick.

Our Boat & Crew

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