Monday, June 22, 2009

Alaska Day 5 - Girwood & Wasilla

Our plan for the day was to drive toward Denali and camp somewhere part way there. When we left Homer it was raining out, but we still wanted to check out a tram ride to the top of Mt. Alyeska in Girwood. Apparently, on a nice day you can see mountains & glaciers. Since it was rainy and foggy the day we were there we could barely see to the bottom of mountain where Hotel Alyeska was. Here we are on the tram.

Mt. Alyeska Tram Ride

After we ate our lunch that was included with our tram ride purchase, we checked out Seven Glaciers, a very nice mountain side restaurant. For some reason the doors were open and no one was there, so we took that opportunity to take pictures and explore most of the restaurant. Luke even played host for a couple minutes.

Glacier Seven Restaurant

After we left the Kenai peninsula, the weather started to clear up and by the time we arrived in Wasilla it was actually really nice out, probably 60 degrees. We stopped at the Iditarod Trail Headquarters Museum in Wasilla and watched a video on the races.


Here are the boys pretending to have their own sled dog team.

Iditarod Dog Team

From Wasilla we drove a little farther north and settled on the Montana Creek campground in Willow. This campground had some nearby hiking trails, so even though it was getting later it never gets dark in Alaska so we did a little hiking.

Montana Creek Campground

Here are Nathan, Nickie & Luke on their hike. Patrick & I were already back from ours, but my mom was freaking out that Nathan, Nickie & Luke had been raped and killed in the woods. Needless to say that didn't happen, but they did meet some people, fishing. I think these are their scared in the woods pictures. Also, I am pretty sure this was the only need for a flash outdoors in Alaska.

Nathan, Nickie & Luke's Hiking Adventure

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