Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alaska Day 8 - Anchorage

We woke up in Willow and headed toward Anchorage. Here are some pictures from Lily Lake in Wasilla and another stop on the way to Anchorage. The cute little boy on the right was learning to fish at that stop. He hadn't quite gotten the hang of the casting, so Nathan gave him some pointers.

Lily Lake, Wasilla, AK

We arrived in Anchorage and found a RV Park within walking distance of downtown. So, we all headed downtown and went on seperate tours of downtown Anchorage. Patrick and I did a little exploring, only in Anchorage would some one hang their high water boots on the balcony of a nice hotel.

Around Anchorage

There was a little park near downtown, that Patrick and I checked out.

Resolution Park

While walking around Anchorage we ran into Nathan, Nickie & Luke. We decided to take the Ulu Factory Shuttle down to the river area. We met this sled dog puppy on the way, he was pretty cute. Of course I was convinced to buy an ulu at the factory, a rounded knife invented in Alaska.

Our Trip to the Ulu Factory

From the Ulu Factory we walked down the river area, where there was supposed to be tons of people fishing for salmon. We saw a few salmon, but not many people fishing.

The Pier - Anchorage

Here is the Ship Creek Campground we stayed at in Anchorage.

Ship Creek Landings RV Park

On Friday morning we got up early and went to the airport. Our flight didn't leave until 12:45, but the motorhome had to be returned by 10:30am, so we spent some quality time at the airport. The flight back wasn't full either, so each couple had their own set of three seats, and there was an extra seat in Luke's row as well.

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