Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls' Night

Last weekend Patrick went camping with the guys, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity for a girls' night at The Castle.

The day started off with Shanna, Kate & I heading downtown St. Paul for Kate's haircut, the Farmer's Market and the Cooks of Crocus Hill Garage Sale. While Kate was get her hair chopped, Shanna & I wandered around downtown St. Paul looking for a coffee shop and ended up at the Kindness Cafe. We had quite kind service.

Next up was the Farmer's Market. Kate had most of the fixings for sandwiches, so we picked up fresh lettuce & snap peas to complete the meal.

Here are a few pictures after lunch, including pictures of Kate's new haircut.

Girls Night

Here we are after dinner with our ice cream & brownies...yum.

DSC02073 copy

And the highlight of the night Heart Throb...

Well, maybe not the highlight, that might be when Shanna played MASH for the first time. She ended up marrying a rich Ty and living in a mansion in Gary, Indiana as a zoo keeper.


And then there was Elysia and her poison oink and Shanna & Trevor, what can you say about Trevor

Girls Night1

And here are a few pictures of breakfast the next morning, fruit, cinnamon rolls, banana bread & two different kinds of egg strata.

Girls Night2

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