Monday, July 27, 2009

The Cabin

Kate invited us all to her uncle's cabin for the weekend. Kate, Kasie, Shanna, Heather, Jachin, Ty, Patrick & I ended up going. Kate's brother Mike & his fiance Bridget also joined us. We left around noon on Friday for Hackensack, MN, a small town about forty minutes north of Brainerd. Here are some pictures from around the cabin.

The Cabin

Friday night was pretty relaxed we arrived around three o'clock. So, we had time to enjoy the evening. Some people felt it was warm enough to go swimming, although it probably was only 70 degrees and windy. Here is Kate attempting to float on her floatie. This kept us all entertained for a while.

Kate's Floatie Attempt

Some more crazy fools in the water.


After our shish kabob dinner, Kate, Heather & Kasie went on a canoe ride, while the rest of us played badminton.


Kate, Heather & Kasie canoeing

On Saturday, we all woke up in the cabin except for Jachin who decided to be one with nature and slept outside until 1pm in the afternoon.

Jachin's Sleeping Quarters

While Jachin was sleeping, we all went to see the sights and sounds of Hackensack. Here are a few of the group as Paul Bunyon and his girlfriend Lucette.

Paul & Lucette

And the main attraction in Hackensack is a statue of Paul Bunyon's girlfriend Lucette. I guess there used to be a statue of Paul, Jr., there as well, but it is gone now.


Near the statue is a playground that took us back to our childhood. Everyone had a good time trying out all the playground equipment.

The Playground

Across the street was an old fashioned soda shop and a general store. Here are the girls trying on some hats at the general store.

Soda Pop Shop

Once we got back from Hackensack we ate lunch and some people went swimming. Patrick & I went fishing with Mike & Bridget. After the fishing experience, we had a bean bag tournment where Shanna & Jachin took home first place. Mike & Bridget unexpectedly had to leave early, so we had an early dinner before they left.

After dinner, we played volleyball for a couple hours at the campground next door. We started playing ourselves, but then a group of neighbors from Lakeville staying at the campground joined us and made it much more entertaining. Later in the evening Patrick & Ty convinced Shanna that she need to go to Andy's 29th birthday party down the road. This made for some interesting stories when they got back.

The Sunset

Sunday morning we played a little more volleyball, but it got really hot, really fast so we decided that was enough of that. We packed up our things and headed home. We all had a really good time and hopefully Kate's uncle invites us back next summer.

Here we all are:

The Group

Back Row: Ty, Heather, Kate, Kasie & Patrick. Front Row: Shanna, Jachin & me.

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