Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Volleyball, Mort's & Drive In Movie

Last Saturday, me, Patrick, Kate, Kasie, Shanna, Ty & Heather got together and played volleyball in SLP and then had an early supper at Mort's Deli, which was quite the experience. Our waitress let Kasie know that she really shouldn't order that sandwich "it's really not that good." Shanna had a gorgonzola & pear wrap that was caked in at least eight ounces of cream cheese. Everyone else enjoyed their Mort's experience. After volleyball & dinner we met up later at Kate's to go to the Cottage Grove Drive In Theater to see Harry Potter & The Proposal.

Rolling Down the Hill

We arrived fairly early since it was opening weekend for Harry Potter. We played a few games of bean bag toss and copied the kids and tried rolling down the hill. I had no idea what was going on during Harry Potter and decided a nap would be a good use of time, I did manage to stay awake for all of The Proposal.

Harry Potter & The Proposal

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