Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cooking Tools

Soon, our tomato plants will be growing out of control. We won't be able to eat the tomatoes fast enough, so my mom gave me some of her extra canning jars, so we can preserve some of the harvest. Last summer, I made salsa with some tomatoes from the Farmer's Market. This year, I plan on making, salsa, stewed tomatoes, pickles and maybe some spaghetti sauce. I ordered the rest of my canning supplies online, including a how to book, so hopefully I will have time to read up before the tomatoes are ready.

Canning Jars

A few of the jars still had labels on them from the last time that my Grandma Traxler canned tomatoes back in 1995. This made me wish that my grandma could see my garden and see the things I am canning today. My grandpa would always pick the vegetables, he even weeded my mom's garden just so he could share in some of the fresh produce, and my grandma would do all of the canning. I remember they used to have a small cellar in their basement where they kept the canned goods. I never really appreciated this type of home grown food when I was younger, we would just be thrilled when grandma made us a frozen pizza, but as I get older I am really growing to appreciate my those small things.

Grandma's Stewed Tomatoes

And to completely switch gears, my new favorite cooking tool is my new iPhone. I no longer have to lug my laptop into the kitchen or print off all the recipes I want to make, I am just bookmarking them and then when I need them they are easy to find. The best part is my phone takes up little space on the kitchen counter, so it can be sitting with all of the ingredients and not be in the way. I also love the grocery store app, where I can add grocery items and check them off at the store. Patrick and I can even sync our lists so if he adds something it automatically adds it to my list.


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