Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meat Fest - Fish & Chips Edition

Last year was the year that Patrick discovered Von Hansen's Meat Market and we had a meat fest celebrating it. This year after we went halibut fishing in Alaska we decided to share some of our catch with our friends and have a Meat Fest - Fish & Chips Edition. Everyone had a great time, we will definitely have to make it a yearly fest, as long as people continue to help with the clean up efforts.

Here are the fried fish, caprese salad with tomatoes & basil from our garden, and a vegetable tray featuring our CSA vegetables and some peppers & tomatoes from our garden.

Fish & Chips

The food: beef & cheese sticks, tomato salad, chips & salsa, a vegetable tray & caprese salad. And then the bar, our little utility cart worked out well for that. This year was much less chaotic in respect to the food, but the party was a little more interesting.

Food & Alcohol

Patrick bought some spotlights for the backyard so people could play games even after it was dark. They worked pretty well, and Kasie, Shanna & I took advantage by doing some cartwheels down there.

Cartwheels & More

Hanging Out

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