Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gopher/Badger Game

Today Patrick and I left the house 8:30 this morning on a mission to get tickets to the Gopher/Badger game at the new TCF Bank Stadium. We ended up getting to campus around 9:00am for the 11:00 game. We checked out prices with a couple different people, but ended up buying two tickets for $75 each in section 138, in row 9. It was kind of rainy, but it was nice to be there early to check out the new stadium and of course take lots of pictures. We didn't end up bringing the good camera because it was raining, so some of the pictures are kind of blurry since we were using the point and shoot.

Here is the outside of the stadium. The stadium is a horseshoe shape and around the outside every county in Minnesota is etched in the stone.

Outside Stadium

Here is a picture the Le Sueur County section, where I grew up. Also, check out the temperature, it wasn't a real warm day for an outdoor football game in the rain.

Stadium Details

Inside Stadium

Here we are at the new stadium.

Us at the TCF Bank Stadium

I think that my favorite part was right before the game started, the band, the cheerleaders, the fireworks, Goldy the Gopher and oh yeah the band marshall. You can just see how entertaining he was from the leap in his step.

The Gopher Entrance

Minnesota Flag


Even though I really enjoyed the pregame show, it was an entertaining game to watch. The leader switched a few times and it wasn't clear who was going to win until the last seconds. The Badgers ended up winning 31-28, but the Gophers were in it until the last seconds of the game.

Wisconsin Flag


The rivalry between the Gophers and the Badgers is the longest in the Big Ten. And there is a Paul Bunyan Axe that the winning school gets to keep for the year. I guess the Badgers have been housing the axe for the last six years, so it is too bad the Gophers weren't able to get it back this year. Anyway, so at one point in the game Buckey Badger brought the axe over to the Gopher Student section to show it off to the fans, and then Goldy stole it from Buckey and started dancing around with it. Then Goldy was stripped of his yellow t-shirt to reveal his Vikings, Brett Favre jersey. Of course the Minnesota fans went wild. It was pretty funny and very timely considering the big match up on Monday night.

Buckey & Goldy


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