Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decorating

We spent a good majority of the day on Friday putting up the Christmas lights on our house. The actual putting of the lights on the roof went really fast, as Patrick had made a very detailed diagram last year documenting how the lights needed to be put up.

The problem with the lights was that half of them no longer lit up and we spent the better part of Saturday replacing bulbs and checking for loose bulbs. That is why the pine tree in our backyard has no blue lights lit up, we couldn't fix the top ones to light up, so we made the bottom blue ones not work. In the end it all worked out, but we may have to invest in new lights a lot sooner than we anticpated.

Christmas Decorating

Here is the end result.

Our House

While we were at Lowe's getting supplies, we found a tree that we liked. While Patrick was fixing the lights on the roof I went back to get the tree with my car. We went much smaller this year than last year. I was able to get the tree inside of my car, where as last year it had to be tied to the roof. This year we have the love seat upstairs and the room still feels much less crowded.

Christmas Lights & Tree

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