Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Living Room - Before & After

Patrick and I have been talking about moving the love seat from downstairs to upstairs since we have limited seating upstairs. On Sunday we finally moved it. We have also been annoyed with Patrick's coffee table from the day he bought it; the wheels come off when you move it, it gets extremely dusty and is a finger print magnet just seconds after it is cleaned. The other problem is that since our tv stand is so low and the coffee table is a little taller sometimes the table gets in the way of the tv.

Here is our living room before moving the love seat upstairs.

View 2 Before

So, our mission was to find a lower, non glass coffee table for a reasonable price. There is a HOM Furniture store near our house, so we went to check that out on Sunday night. We found a good solution, an ottoman storage table. We also needed a small bookcase to for our photo albums that were previously on the lower portion of the coffee table.

Here is the living room with the love seat, the new ottoman/coffee table and the Ikea bookcase. We both like it much better, it just feels more cozy and now when people come over there are more places to sit.

View 2 After

Of course I can't come home from Ikea with just one thing. I also got a few fun decorations.

A Few New Things

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