Monday, April 19, 2010

The Week in Pictures

Last week was a busy week for us. Here is a quick recap.

On Monday I played my last volleyball matches of the season. We ended up winning both matches and advancing to the semi-final tournament game. The semi-final game was tonight, but I missed it because I am in Chicago again. We ended up losing in the semi final, but it was a good season and I am looking forward to playing volleyball outside again this summer.

Volleyball Team

Since I knew I was going to be gone again, I did the spring clean up in the garden last week. Everything is looking so good. We will be mowing the lawn in no time.

The Garden Spring 2010

On Friday night we celebrated Elysia and Le's birthdays with dinner at Osaka in Roseville and then bowling afterward.

Elysia & Le's Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we headed to La Crosse for Greg and Emily's wedding. We ended up getting there just in time for the ceremony. Adam and Maren were at the wedding as well, so it was nice to be able to catch up with.

Greg & Emily's Wedding

After the wedding we stayed at Patrick's dad's house. On Sunday morning before we left we played with their 18 month old dog Blue. He is such a good dog, we both have puppy fever after that, so someday we may have to get one of our own.


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