Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend of Gardening

Last weekend I spent a lot of time outside working on our backyard. I think it was last Tuesday when the first peony bloomed, which in my old age is starting to signify the start of summer. Peonies are also the first thing I posted on this blog, a year ago next week. So to celebrate summer and the 1 year anniversary of our blog here are more peonies and garden pictures.




And although I love the peonies, the irises are also shining this time of year.

Iris Waiting to Bloom


And then after I admire the flowers that just appear every spring without much effort, I spend the rest of the time getting rid of these baby trees that like to inhabit my garden every spring.

Baby Trees

Here is the perennial garden baby tree free.

The Garden

Here is our vegetable garden this year. We are doing a CSA again this year, so we don't need much for vegetables. This year we planted 3 varieties of tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers along with the onions that came back from last year.

The Veggie Garden

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