Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AmeriCanadian Road Trip - Detroit and Football Hall of Fame

To continue the trend of our vacation we were on the road early Tuesday morning. Our goal was to make it to Detroit for lunch and to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio at least a few hours before it closed at 8pm.

While we were in Mackinac we charged our new iPhone speakers so we decided we were going to stop somewhere with wireless internet and download a book to listen to on the ride. We stopped at a Panera near Detroit and enjoyed lunch while we downloaded Howie Mandel's biography.

Here are some landmarks of Detroit: GM and Ford.

GM & Ford in Detriot

On our way to Canton, we were stopped by this roadside fire. It was like being stuck in a white out snow storm, except the smell was horrible. Luckily it didn't last long.

Ohio Fire

And after hours of driving we finally arrived in Canton. It was another warm day, so it was good that this was an indoor activity.

Football Hall of Fame Road Sign

Patrick at Hall of Fame

The museum was split into multiple rooms that didn't really flow together that well. The rooms were separated into the history of the NFL, the current pro teams, the actual hall of fame, the super bowl and a hands on area with actual footballs to throw at targets and X-Box and PlayStation games.

Football History

In the history room, there was a lot of neat things including a whole section devoted to the Packer domination of the 1960's. Even though the Viking didn't dominate a decade, they did have a coach and a few players recognized.


In the NFL today room, there was a display devoted to each team in the NFL. It was interesting to see the history behind the teams.


Packer Helmet

In the Hall of Fame room we were able to see the golden statutes of all the players and coaches inducted in Football Hall of Fame. Here are some famous Packer players in the Hall of Fame.

Football Hall of Fame

And in the Super Bowl room, we were able to see the Lombardi Trophy and the 1996 Super Bowl Ring when Green Bay defeated New England Patriots.

Football Hall of Fame - Super Bowl Trophy & Ring

After the Hall of Fame, we were planning on camping somewhere near Canton. We found a campground only about 30 minutes away, so we decided to check it out. We got there and it was fine, but it looked like there were lots of mosquitoes. Our tent was still kind of wet from the last couple days and there wasn't anywhere to set it up in the sun to dry off, so we decided we were just going to drive more tonight. Before we got on the road we ate dinner at The Falcon, a local steakhouse. I got a 99 cent hamburger, while Patrick got a $20 fillet mignon steak. Neither were that exciting, but I am not a big steak fan anyway so I was fine with spending $30 on our steak dinner.

We ended up driving all the way to Buffalo, New York that night. When I say "we" I mean Patrick drove and I was in the passenger seat trying to stay awake. We listened to the Howie Mandel book, so that kept us pretty entertained. We finally stopped at 1am and got a hotel room. It was fabulous to sleep in air conditioning and in a real bed.

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Woah, I didn't know y'all went to the Football Hall of Fame, that's awesome.