Monday, July 5, 2010

AmeriCanadian Road Trip - Mackinac Island

We woke up early on Monday morning to take the ferry to Mackinac Island. About 10 years ago my family and I spent a day there on our annual family vacation. I remember loving the island, so I was excited for Patrick to be able to enjoy it as well.

Mackinac Island is a small island in Lake Huron, right off the east coast of Michigan. The island is unique in that no motorized vehicles are allowed except for emergency vehicles, so the main modes of transportation are bicycles and horses.

Our Ferry to Mackinac Island

It was kind of dreary day, which was welcome compared to the hot days we had been experiencing. When we first arrived on we decided to walk around a little and figure out what we wanted to do. We ended up walking down the boardwalk admiring all the awesome houses of the island.

Homes of Mackinac Island

Here are Patrick and I when we arrived at the Island.

Patrick and I at Mackinac Island

After a short walk we decided to get back to main street area. Here is a view of main street. I just love how the only way to get around is by horse or bike.

Mackinac Island Main Street

Some of the many bike rentals on the island. When I was here as a kid we rented bikes, but today we skipped the bikes and walked and did a horse carriage tour.

Mackinac Island Bikes

Patrick really enjoyed seeing the supplies being delivered to the businesses of Mackinac. It was pretty cool to watch one of the drivers back up a wagon driven by horses.

Mackinac Island - Delivering Supplies

And what tourist location is complete without fudge shops. Check out the sugar used to create the fudge for just one of the many shops.

Mackinac Island - Ryba Fudge Shop

After our walk around the main street area, we decided we wanted to take a carriage tour. Our timing turned out perfect because it was definitely raining a majority of our tour.

Mackinac Island - Carriage Tour

On our tour we went by the Grand Hotel, where no two rooms are the same.

Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island

Here are the horses that took us on the 2nd part of our tour, which took us through the Mackinac Island State Park.

Mackinac Island - Carriage Tour

Mackinac Island - Carriage Tour

Another one of our stops was at Arch Rock. Even though the it was a cloudy day, it still a beautiful view.

Mackinac Island - Arch Rock

After we got back from the tour, we ate lunch at Goodfellows. While on our tour, we were told that if we took the stairs near Marquette Park there would be a great view from the top.

Mackinac Island

So, we climbed a ton of stairs and the view from the top was worth it. Here is the view from the top.

View of Mackinac Bridge from Island

On our way back down from the top we found a mini golf course. The course was more like real golf, with real putting greens instead of carpet. And Patrick now thinks all mini golf courses should be like that.

Mini Golf at Mission Point

After our mini golf we walked over the Mission Point Resort and even after seeing these all day long I still love to see horses used as taxi cabs.

Horse Shuttle

Mission Point Resort - Mackinac Island

And before we left the island we had to stop for ice cream at Ryba's. We didn't actually eat plain fudge, but we did did get some fudge in our ice cream.

Ryba's Ice Cream Cones

Once we left the island we went back to the campground and reheated our leftover pizza. It was still kind of dreary out and we weren't sure if we wanted to pay the $3.50 to get across the Mackinac Bridge and $3.50 to get back to the campground. We decided we had nothing better to do so we crossed over to Mackinaw City and drove around for awhile and then headed back to St. Ignace later that night.

Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

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