Thursday, July 8, 2010

AmeriCanadian Road Trip - Trip Home

The rest of the trip became a misson to get home in time for the Basilica Block Party, which was at 5:00pm on Friday. With the heat we really wanted to get to Wisconsin Dells in time to go to Noah's Ark. Unfortunately we didn't get to Wisconsin Dells until late Thursday. Through out our trip Patrick had seen signs for Krispie Kreme, so we decided today was the day to find these donuts. Well, we used our handy dandy iPhones to find a Krispie Kreme, only to find the Krispie Kreme office building in Indianapolis. Apparently, the retail location closed a few weeks ago, so we were only able to get the original flavor. We were pretty disappointed considering we went quite a bit out of our way to get there.

Krispy Kreme

And we managed to eat the entire dozen in less than 24 hours, that is a lot of donuts.

Krispie Kreme

After the Krispie Kreme debacle we were already thinking about lunch. Well, we had just made it six days without visiting a Chipotle, so you know what that means. We needed to find a Chipotle to eat lunch at. It sounded interesting to see Perdue, Indiana so we ate Chipotle on the Perdue campus.


On our way back to the freeway, we saw a ton of windfarms.

Windmills in Indiana

After many annoying tolls in Illinois, we finally arrived in Wisconsin Dells. The first place we stopped was at the Kalahari Resort to see if we could find a good deal on a hotel. Not so much they wanted $200 for the last room left. We ended up camping at the Sherwood Forest campground. It was a pretty nice place that was within walking distance of downtown. It ended up being a mile and half walk to and from dinner, but that was actually welcome after being in the car all day.

Wisconsin Dells

On Friday morning we packed up our things and headed home. We arrived home around noon, which was just enough time to unpack and start the laundry before the Basilica Block Party.

***Yay!!! I am finally finished writing about this vacation, which took approximately forever. Now, I can get on to posting about our CSA vegetables and our other July adventures. We have been busy, so stay tuned for more updates.

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jachin said...

Ah Purdue, birth place of Jachin. So, probably your most important stop.

I've only have had the "original" Krispie Kremes, I'm not sure there's a reason to try any of their other options.

I think the first time I got them, I managed to eat a dozen by myself, in about 2 hours.... which reminds me of another story I don't feel like writing out, but remind me, next time we hang out to tell you about "Tyler and the free Krispie Kremes".