Friday, July 2, 2010

AmeriCandian Road Trip - North Shore

About last year at this time we decided we should go on a road trip out west. We were set on the week of the 4th of July. Well, that didn't end up working out with our friends schedule's so the road trip with our friends became a trip with just Patrick and I going east.

Patrick was insistent that this trip be spontaneous so I was limited in amount of crap that I could bring. We purchased a smaller tent the weekend before, so that took up less space and was much easier to put up and take down. We kept everything else to minimum as well, and as it turns out we probably didn't need a lot of things we brought anyway.

Here is our neatly packed trunk just before we left on our adventure.

The Car All Packed To Go

After a quick stop at Caribou we were headed for the North Shore. On our way, we stopped at Black Bear Casino. Patrick was hoping we would win it big so we could buy some speakers for our iPhones, no such luck.

North Shore - Black Bear

At the casino we intended to spend $20 and leave, but the good machines were all taken and it was taking way too long to lose $20 so we left with $9.

North Shore - Black Bear

By the time we arrived in Duluth we were getting hungry for lunch. We planned on eating at this deli in Canal Park, but we couldn't find it so we ate at Little Angie's. We shared the fajitas and Patrick got this grapefruit margarita. After our lunch we headed toward the mall to Best Buy to purchase some speakers for our iPhones. We thought we would be able to charge them with this converter I had bought for the car. Well, that didn't work, so we weren't able to charge them for a couple more days since there isn't a lot of electricity camping in Canada.

North Shore - Little Angie's

At this point our plan is to stay somewhere on the North Shore, maybe one of the state parks. It was a holiday weekend, so we weren't really sure what we would be able to get. Well, we didn't get too far out of Duluth before we stopped for pie at Betty's Pies. Of all the times we have been to the North Shore, we have never stopped. I guess since we had no plans it was the perfect time to stop. I got the chocolate creme pie and Patrick got the strawberry rhubarb pie pictured below. It was good, we plan on going back for the pasties later this summer.

North Shore - Betty's Pies

We checked out the state parks for camping and both of them were full, so by this time we are counting on the place we normally stay at in Grand Marais. We were lucky and they had two sites left and one was Honeymoon Hill so we took it. We put up the tent in record time, less than 30 minutes. For dinner we grilled brats and vegetables and for the record that was the only time we "cooked" on our road trip.

North Shore - Putting Up the Tent

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