Sunday, July 11, 2010

Basilica Block Party & Ben's Baptism

As soon as we got from our road trip we had a full weekend of plans ahead of us. It was really nice to get back at noon, much better than our friends who had to work all day and then go to the concert.

When we arrived at the Basilica, Robyne Robinson was meeting with people. Robyne is a former television anchor for Channel 9 who is now running for Lieutenant Governor. Patrick was really into meeting her and had a lengthy conversation with her.

Robyne Robinson

On the main stage was One eskimO, Eric Hutchinson and Weezer. We only made it to the end of Eric Hutchinson. Weezer the main event was awesome, I haven't been to a concert that good since seeing Nickelback in a thunderstorm back in college.

Basillca Block Party 2010

Basillca Block Party 2010

Today we had Ben's baptism in the afternoon. It was good to see him again, it seems like we haven't see him in a long time, ok maybe it was only a couple weeks. He is getting so big and he opens his eyes and looks at us now. I think that Nickie said he is around 14 pounds. He was so good for the baptism, he didn't even cry very much when they poured the water over his head. He wore the same baptismal gown the my Grandma Traxler wore as a child. My grandma would be 97 years old this year, so it pretty cool that he was able to wear it.

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