Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flugtag & Mini Golf

Our uneventful weekend turned into a whirlwind of events late Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, Patrick and Ty had golf lessons in St. Paul at 9:30 and we were supposed to meet at Kate's at 10:45 to go to lunch, so I went with to golf lessons. After golf lessons, Kate, Jeff, Shanna, David, Elysia, Patrick and I headed to Cecils for lunch.

Then it was off the Flugtag, along with 90,000 other people. Getting there was no easy task, and even after we arrived finding a spot where we could see was another adventure.

View of the St. Paul

Here are all the people on the island. Shanna ventured over there to see her sister.

Crowd at Harriet Island

This would be ideal for watching the Flugtag. Note to self, find someone with a boat to watch the Flugtag next year.

Boats at Flugtag

Here are some groups attempting to fly their homemade flying machines.




This team one the People's Choice Award.


And since traffic was so horrible getting there, we missed the best one.

We ended up leaving the Flugtag early. It was hot, we were thirsty and it was going to be a nightmare to get out of there. We decided we were going to hit up a bar to quench our thirst. We first stopped at Caribou looking for water. Let me tell you, no business was prepared for the number of people who showed up for this event. This Caribou had nothing left except hot coffee. They had no ice and the entire display case of water, juice and pastries was completely cleared out. It honestly looked like a war zone with the trash everywhere. Next we headed to a bar, in hopes they would be better prepared. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. We ended up at Tom Reid's and waited at least a half hour at the bar for a drink and water.

After we cooled off a little at Kate's place we decided to go mini golfing. There was some talk of volleyball or the driving range, but mini golf won. Jeff and David ended up tying for first place.

Mini Golf

After all that golfing we were hungry for dinner, so we headed to another place by Kate's house The Cleveland Wok. I am not a big fan of buffets, but this was really good. They don't have that many options, so I think that keeps everything fresh. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.

And to end the night we rented a movie and watched it at Jeff's house. It was called 100 Feet and this woman was on house arrest, while she was haunted by her dead husband who she killed in self defense. I definitely don't recommend that movie, it was just bad.

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