Friday, July 23, 2010

Traxler Get Together

Tonight we went down to Belle Plaine to Frannie & Will's for a Traxler Get Together. I have two cousins that live overseas. One of my cousins is married to a woman from Turkey, so they live in Istanbul. And another cousin of mine teaches in South Korea, so he, his wife and two kids live there during the school year. They were both home at the same time, so we all got together to see them. It was really nice to see everyone. It is not very often that we are all together with everyone being so spread out. We used to rely our annual Labor Day vacation to get everyone together, but with some of my cousins in college and these guys overseas, it is rare to get everyone together. We are still missing quite a few, but this a majority of the group.

Traxler Family

And here is Mike and Jaci's daughter Moriah at the park we played volleyball at.


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