Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Staining Our Deck & Front Porch

After Meat Fest Patrick had a couple days off so his plan was to take one of those days to stain the deck. Well, the project turned into an all week project and with my help we were able to get it all stained by Friday night.

Here are the before and after pictures. As you can see the water no longer soaks into the deck, which probably means we should have gotten to this project a little earlier than we did.

Deck Before

Deck After

Deck Before

Deck After

Deck Staining Before & After

Deck Before

Deck After

Floorboards Before

Floorboards After

Patrick Staining

Stairs Before & After

Entire Deck Before

Entire Deck After

After it took all week to finish the deck, we really weren't looking forward to spending more time staining the front porch. Last Saturday we realized it just needed to get done before winter came. The weather was supposed to be goregous for a November day, so we took advantage and got up early and actually finished the project around 1pm. The actual staining only took two and a half hours, so not bad compared to the deck. It helps that this wood was a lot less dry and the bars are metal and don't need to be stained.

Front Porch Before

Front Porch After

Front Porch Before & After

Fall Leaves


Luke said...

Patrick's concentration is remarkable in that picture.

Jenell Lacey said...

That's much better! Staining your deck will keep the wood from rotting and prevent mold and mildew from growing. I'm pretty sure the stain has already faded through the past years. Have you thought of repainting it with a new color for a change? How about a white painted deck?
Jenell Lacey @ Tristate