Sunday, November 28, 2010

Viking Packer Game 2010

Last Sunday, Patrick and I were lucky enough to win tickets to the Viking Packer Game at the Metrodome. I got really lucky and won our company tickets for the second time this year. We saw the Vikings play the Lions earlier in the season. Our seats were in first row on the 10 yard line. This time we sat by a crazy lady who paid $500 for her seats and was a member of The Official Brett Favre Fan Club. Apparently 40 of Brett's biggest fans had an invite only party the night before.



Patrick and I at Packer Viking Game

We were once again entertained by the Street Team. These guys get pretty excited about their halftime picnic. The half hasn't ended and this guy has his food in hand just waiting for picnic time. They sure worked up an appetite with all those Viking points.

Street Team Lunch Time

Aaron Rodgers

Donald Driver

Packer Run

The Vikings started off with the first points on the board, but it just went down hill after that.

Victokr & Sydney Rice

This is the disappointment after the field goal was taken away from the Vikings.

Viking Man

And then the "Fire Chilly" signs and chants came out. And as we all know, Brad Childress was fired as the head coach the next day, so they must have worked. Or maybe it was the fact that the Vikings got destroyed by the Packers.

Fire Chilly

Fire Chilly Signs

The game itself was pretty boring on our side as there was only one touchdown in our end zone. The final score was Packers 31, Vikings 3.

The one TD in our Endzone

Viking Packer Score

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