Thursday, December 2, 2010

Furniture Shopping & Christmas Decorating

The rest of our long weekend consisted of a lot of cooking, cleaning, furniture shopping & Christmas decorating.

On Friday I made a turkey for dinner. This year we bought an all natural fresh turkey from Trader Joe's. We used the same recipe as last year, but I didn't brine it before hand. That makes a huge difference, the turkey wasn't as good as last year. We will have to see how it goes next year as far as buying a fresh turkey, but we will definitely take the time to brine our turkey.


After our turkey dinner, we went furniture shopping for a TV stand. We ended up buying one. The next morning went to get our Christmas tree and we ended up bring two trees home. One regular sized tree for upstairs and a small tree for downstairs.

Christmas Tree

Here are our new ornaments for the year. We got these on our road trip this summer when we were at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I think these ornament are a good symbol of our year since we went to 2 Vikings games, 2 Packer games, the Football Hall of Fame and the Packer Hall of Fame.

Packer Viking Ornaments

Here are the reindeer that my Grandpa Traxler made for my parents.

Grandpa's Reindeer

And our little tree in the basement with all snowmen ornaments.

Snowman Tree

Before all of this Christmas decorating we decided to cancel our TV stand order and get a different one at HOM furniture. And while we were there we bought two recliners for our basement. It was buy one, get one free, so we went for it.

We lucked out and the furniture was available for pickup Sunday afternoon. The store is only a few blocks from our house, so we went to pick it up with both our cars because we were unsure which car would fit the most. By some small miracle we were able to get it all in both our cars. Good thing we didn't have to go far because the TV stand didn't fit so well in the trunk.

Moving Furniture

New TV Stand

New Pillows & Recliner

Here is the new furniture arrangement upstairs. Apparently, once a year we need to rearrange our furniture. Here is our old set up.

Upstairs Living Room

And the downstairs.

Downstairs Living Room

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