Friday, January 28, 2011

The Buick Saga - Part II

In 2006 I graduated from college, got my own apartment and got a new job. It would only make sense that I would get a new car to replace the Buick. Over the last five years I had lots of intentions to do that, but the Buick just kept on going.

the buick

June 2006 – I drove the Buick to my first day of work at my first real job and since then we have spent countless long commutes together in the snow and rain.

Summer of 2006 – At this point I really felt the Buick wasn’t going to make it much longer. One day on the way to the Palace I ended up stranded on Hwy 100 in the middle of rush hour. The Buick had over heated and needed to be towed to a repair shop. It made quite the recovery and I only had minor issues over the next few years.

January 2008 - Started off 2008 with a bang when someone backed into it during a New Year’s party at the Palace. It ended up with a huge hole in the side because it was so cold the plastic broke on impact. We knew the person who did it and he offered to pay for the repair, good thing otherwise I would have been driving around with a huge hole in my car for the last three years.

new year's accident

May 2008 – A hail storm passed through during the first Long Island Iced Tea Daze. Even though it is quite the beast, it definitely felt the impact. You can still see the damage from that day.

July 2008 – We moved in to our first house after our wedding and it became quite the workhorse. It has made many trips the yard waste site, hauled loads of dirt for the vegetable garden we built and brought home our Christmas tree each year.

bringing home christmas tree

Summer 2010 – After replacing a starter for the second time and problems with the anti-lock brakes we decided that we needed to look for a new car. We agreed on a 2011 Ford Explorer that was supposed to be released in October. It didn’t end up getting to dealers until January 2011. Last Wednesday after a long night at the dealer I drove home with a brand new vehicle. On Sunday my dad picked up the Buick to bring home to use on the farm. I am kind of glad he has a use for it because as you can see it really has been good to me over the last 12 years.


Here are some gems I found while cleaning out the Buick. My grandparents' map from the 1970's. It has both Met Stadium and the Metrodome on it, so it has to be from the late 70's. Some snowpants my mom put in the car when I first started driving in case I got stranded. A Tiffany tape and a hair pic. And last but not least, the car manual that warns against holding on to a baby in the front seat.

some gems from the buick

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