Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 1993 Buick LeSabre - Part I

me and the buick

My earliest memory of the Buick is with my grandma. Before I could drive, I would walk to my grandparents’ house after volleyball practice or other activities to wait for mom or dad to pick me up. One day my grandma decided she could give me a ride home. I didn’t think anything of it until I had to ride with her. The entire ride home I was very scared that we weren’t going to make it to my house. Grandma couldn’t see much and even drove into the curb at one point. I told my parents about her driving, and it wasn’t long after that grandma had her keys taken away because it was no longer safe to have her on the roads.

April 1999 – I returned home from a school trip to Spain. My parents came to the airport to pick me up and told me they sold the mini van I was currently driving, so I would be driving Grandma’s Buick from now on… I cried.

April 1999 to May 2001 – The Buick got me to school every day, volleyball practices, football and basketball games, my job at the grocery store and my high school graduation. During high school I always dreamt of getting a different car that was crappier and smaller, but I guess it grew on me since I ended up keeping it for the next 12 years.

A couple funny stories from high school:

One day we got out of school early because of a snow storm. I didn’t brush the snow off the Buick’s enormous hood, so the windshield fogged up as the cold snow hit the warmer windshield. I could no longer see out the front windshield and ended up in the ditch right behind the elementary school. Guess who pulled me out of the ditch… Tim Boettcher. That was embarrassing.

One Saturday morning I woke up at 8:10 and realized that I should have been at work 10 minutes ago. I hurriedly rushed around and got on the road. I decided to drive too fast along with another car. As we were speeding down the road a Sheriff passed us going the other direction. She turned around and pulled us both over. I slowed down rather quickly and got rear ended by a police officer. She let the other car go, but I had to wait. She had to call another Sheriff’s department to report the accident and in the process I received my first and only speeding ticket. Ironically, 7 years later Patrick and I went to Guatemala on a mission trip with the lady who rear ended me.

Twins Game 2001

August 2002 – Kasie, Kate and I took the Buick to a Twins game. The game was fun, but the real excitement was on the drive back. On the way home it started to storm. It wasn’t horrible, but then it started raining really hard and the wind started to pick up. I was driving the Buick and ended up stopping in the middle of a country road waiting for the storm to pass because I could no longer see anything. The car started rocking back and forth. We all sat in the car in silence. We were really scared that the wind was just going to pick up the car Twister style. Luckily the Buick is a huge piece of metal, so it didn’t do anything more than rock back and forth. This was before any of us owned a cell phone, so after we could see again we drove to the nearest house to check to see if it was safe to travel the rest of the way home. I think Kasie called her parents to make sure it was safe. It must have been ok because we didn’t stay there long. I think later it was determined it was straight line winds and probably not a tornado, but that doesn’t stop us from believing the Buick protected us from a tornado that night.

September 2002 – My freshman year the Buick stayed at home in my parents’ garage, but somehow my sophomore year I was lucky enough to get a parking pass for right outside my dorm. Having the Buick around meant that we no longer had to spend our entire Saturday waiting for the bus to get to Onalaska. It also made it much easier to visit friends and get home to visit my family. Since the Buick was so large I could even move myself and all my belongings home over Christmas Break.

the buick

March 2004 – Patrick and I started hanging out at the beginning of spring semester our junior year. He ended up naming my car the Lovely Lady. On Valentine’s Day Patrick sent me flowers and referred to the Buick on the card: “To a lovely lady. I hope these brighten your weekend.” And thus started our lives together.

March 2005 – After our bus trip to Florida with Krista, Russ, Carrie & Jesse we discovered that Carrie and Jesse also enjoyed skiing. We planned on taking Carrie’s car on our first trip to Lusten, but unfortunately some type of alarm locked us out of her car. Patrick and I had driven the Buick to Carrie's place, so we put all our stuff in the Buick and headed to Solboken Resort for our first of many winter ski trips to Lutsen.

some gems from the buick

May 2005 – In college I lived across the street from a grocery store. One day I woke up to a huge dent in the side of the door and a note from a delivery truck driver saying they reported the accident. My dad had the door fixed and the Buick was back to new. That same year I had a chance to get rid of the Buick for my mom’s Blazer but I choose the Buick because of my practical nature… it got better gas mileage.

This is probably the best story about the Buick. Sometime while I was in college my dad received a parking ticket from the City of Minneapolis, actually an overdue parking ticket that was now over fifty dollars. The ticket was issued at 3:30am for blocking an alley. I was not in the cities so there was no way that I actually received this ticket. The ticket even had a different car description, but my license plate number. My dad was pretty upset about this and refused to pay it. He talked to some people he knew at the county to see if there was any way to get out of it. They told him there was no way to get out of it; he would just have to pay it. He ended up sending a handwritten note saying that his daughter has never been to the city. The note somehow got him out of the ticket.

the buick

Stay tuned for more adventures with the Buick.


jachin said...

Ok... So there are two points I'm not 100% sure on. You were crying because you liked the Mini van?

Also, about that ticket. Did you actually "earn" the ticket? Or was it some sort of a mistake?

Sara said...

Jachin - I am sure you don't spend a ton of time with 16 year old girls, but it doesn't take much to make them cry, especially after spending the previous 12 hours in airports and on airplanes.

Also, I did deserve the speeding ticket. I got a ticket for going 65 in a 55, but I was definitely going much faster than that.