Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beer, The Guthrie & Pizza

Yesterday was a very busy day. First we went to my co-worker Mary's house where her husband and his friends were having a party showcasing the latest beer they brewed. Mary and Zach had lot of great food and beer. It was fun to catch up with them outside of work.

After that we headed to the Guthrie for the play "Little Eyes". The play was in the Dowling Studio and was pretty entertaining.

View from Guthrie Dowling Studio

Then after the play we headed to Dan's house for his Pizza and Beer Party. Dan makes some great homemade pizza, so even though we were far from hungry we had to try out at least a few kinds.

Dan's Pizza Party

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Melissa & Matt - Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

This morning I met up with my co-worker Melissa for engagement photos with her fiance Matt. We started at the Stone Arch Bridge and ended up at the Guthrie. After negative temperatures all week, today the temperatures were in the forties which was perfect for outdoor photos. We had so much fun, I can't wait for their May wedding.

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Melissa & Matt

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl 45 - Packer Style

This year Patrick and I were lucky enough to go to three NFL games. Patrick usually makes it to the Packer Viking game at the Metrodome, but I haven't been to an NFL game since I was eleven and the Vikings were playing the Cowboys. This season we saw the Packers play the Bills at Lambeau Field. Then I won tickets to see the Vikings play the Lions. And to cap it all off we saw the Packers/Vikings Game at the Metrodome. Both times the Packers dominated the game winning easily, but neither Patrick or I would have predicted they would be in the Super Bowl.

Besides the game, the most important part of a Super Bowl party is the food. I was super excited about my green and gold cupcakes. I had seen a rainbow cake and I thought it would be fun to do something similar with just green and gold food coloring. Here is the finished product.

Green & Gold Cupcakes


Patrick saw these Barbecued Ranch Deviled Eggs on a Tailgating Special. They were a nice spin on regular deviled eggs.

Barbeque Ranch Deviled Eggs

I wanted to incorporate cheese into the menu somehow, so I cut cheese into little triangles to make Little Cheeseheads. We also provided chili and Little Smokies for more nourishment. Our friends did well in rounding out the menu. They brought another variety of chili, vegetable pizza, cowboy salsa, chocolate chip cookies and chex mix.

Little Cheeseheads

I decided to properly celebrate, decor was necessary. I had tons of pictures from both games, so I printed out some pictures to hang up. We also had a shadow box with some souvenirs from our Lambeau Field trip, our Lambeau Field pom poms and some green and gold napkins.

Superbowl Decor

Packer Pictures

Super Bowl Decor

Patrick and Adam went all out and tattooed themselves up before the big game.

Adam & Patrick putting on tatoos

With most of the guest list being Vikings fans, Patrick wanted to make sure he had a good seat for the game. To solve this problem we made reserved seating signs for Packers fans, aka Patrick and Adam. We also made a sign saying if you were disruptive you would be sent to the basement. We were serious about watching football at this party.

Packer Fans Only

Packer Fans Only

The half time show by the Black Eyed Peas was awful. Jachin doesn't like them, so he retreated to the basement for the show. That probably wasn't the worst idea.

Black Eyed Peas

The Packers dominated the first half, but the Steelers came back in the second half to make it a good game. The Packers won the game 31-25 for their fourth Super Bowl Championship and thirteenth NFL title. GO PACK GO.

Watching the game