Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls' Night

Last weekend I was able to see Kasie's new house for the first time. She hosted a Mary Kay party to celebrate the occasion.

Girls Night - Mary Kay Party

Kate at Mary Kay Party

Shanna at Mary Kay Party

And here is Kasie and her niece, the most adorable baby girl I have ever met. She was just as happy and content as she is cute.

Kasie and her niece

On Saturday morning we went to Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. We ate breakfast at La Loma Tomales. I had a breakfast burrito that was very good and filling. We also did a little shopping. We all ended up buying some fun new scarves at the Tibet Arts & Gift store near the front entrance.

Midtown Global Market

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jachin said...

Makup... babies.. scarves... gah... I had to jump to the next post quickly. I think all the estrogen was some how going through the internet and is coming out of my computer.

Those olives do look pretty delicious though.