Monday, March 7, 2011

Lusten 2011 - February 25th - 28th

Two weekends ago we went on another adventure north for a skiing weekend at Lutsen. This year there were nine of us: me, Patrick, Jachin, David, Shanna, Kate, Jeff, Heather & Elysia. We stayed at the same Caribou Highlands townhouse as last year.

Packing up the new Explorer for the big trip north.

Lusten 2011

After we arrived the guys went to pick up their ski rentals and I stayed back and unpacked all the food. I took some pictures of the townhouse before everyone else arrived.

Lutsen Townhome

Lutsen Townhome

Lusten Townhome

After everyone arrived, we posed for some pictures by the fireplace.

Jachin and the Racoons

Sara & Patrick at the Townhouse


Our Pyramids

Jachin quickly found his happy place.

Jachin in his happy place

And then we played some rowdy games of spoons.


The next morning we all headed out for a day of skiing and snowboarding. The temperature that morning was negative 26 degrees with the wind chill. After lunch I decided to take the afternoon off, while everyone else went back out.

Shanna & Heather

Sara bundled up

Here is the whole group minus Elysia who hung out at the townhouse while we skied and snowboarded.

The Skiing/Snowboarding Group

I made all the food again this year. I had President's Day off this year, so it worked out perfect to spend the day cooking and getting everything ready. The menu consisted of Banana Pancakes, Walking Tacos, Pioneer Woman Salsa, Queso, Smores Bars, Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake, Baked Shells, Soft Garlic Knots and Birthday Cake.

Lusten Food

The next day was much nicer and we woke up to a fresh new coat of snow on the slopes.

Snowy Morning at Lutsen

The other girls and Jeff didn't ski the second day, but they did go on a little snowshoeing adventure.

The Snowshoeing Crew

And while snowshoeing they had to stop for a fun dip break.

Fun Dip break while snowshoeing

Lusten Mountain

David, Patrick & I at Lutsen

Sunday was Jeff's birthday so he and Kate went out to dinner together. After our dinner we all stared down the cake trying to figure out a way to eat it without Jeff finding out. In that time we started planning a surprise for when they came back. We started making a sign and got out the party straws. Kate and Jeff arrived in the middle of the planning stages, so we surprised Jeff by holding up a blank banner and shouting Happy Birthday. It ended up being pretty funny.

Jeff's Birthday Cake

After the birthday cake, Kate and Patrick battled it out in a poker game. They ended up splitting the $30 pot instead of playing it out since they just kept trading chips. After poker we pulled out the Sorry board and some people stayed up until 3:30am playing.

Poker & Sorry

On Monday morning we took our time getting up and getting ready. On our way through Duluth we made our traditional stop at Pizza Luce. My little brother Luke even met us there in between classes. It was a good weekend and after being at work for a day we were all ready to be back on vacation.

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