Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shanna's Birthday Brunch and Coffee Tour

Today we went down to LeCenter to go to Shanna's Birthday Brunch and a tour of the European Roasterie where Shanna's Dad works.

On our way down there we ran into the bikers riding the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride. The route was 100 miles from Lakeville heading west to Jordan, then turns south to LeSueur, Montgomery, Lonsdale and back to Lakeville. I read on the website the fastest person did this ride in 3 hours and 49 minutes, that's 27 miles per hour.

Minnesota Ironman Bike Riders

Minnesota Ironman Bike Riders

At brunch we had two kinds of waffles, pancakes, sausage and fruit. It was delicious.

Shanna's Birthday Brunch

After brunch Shanna's dad took us on a tour of the European Roasterie. It was pretty interesting to learn about the coffee making process.

The process starts with the coffee beans arriving in the warehouse.

Coffee Bags

The beans are then roasted in this huge coffee bean roaster. After the roasting, they are either kept whole or ground. The grinder is on the left and the roaster is on the right.

Coffee Grinder & Roaster

Roasting the coffee beans is the at the discretion of the person roasting the beans. To have the beans roasted consistently they use a sample tray to compare the roasted beans to.

Coffee Roasting Samples

The ground coffee beans are stored in these plastic containers.

Ground Coffee

Flavored Coffee Beans

Some of the beans are then flavored after roasting. Here are some of the crazy flavors they have.

Coffee Flavors

More Coffee Flavors

We then saw the area where they package the coffee.

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Tour

Elysia then found the hair and beard nets, so she tried them on.

Hair and Beard Nets

Elysia putting on hair and beard nets

Coffee Bag

To close out the tour we all sampled some of the varieties of the coffee.

Sampling the Coffee

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Shanna said...

Very nice synopsis of a day at the European Roasterie :) Love the photos!