Monday, July 11, 2011

Cabin Trip 2011

We made our annual trek to the cabin last weekend. The last two years the weather hasn't been that great, but this year was gorgeous. And we took full advantage of the nice weather.


There were only six of us there for dinner on Thursday night, so we headed into Hackensack for dinner at Lucette's.

Lucette's Pizza

Shanna's Hat


Jachin slept outside again. On the first night we somehow locked him out of the cabin so in order to escape the bugs he slept on the dock for awhile.

Jachin Sleeping


Cabin Decor

Spider Web

There was plenty of floating, canoeing and water volleyball on Friday.

Shanna, Heather & Kasie

While Shanna was sitting on the dock her hat flew off and David went in and rescued it.

Saving Shanna's Hat

On Saturday afternoon we played our annual game of football. This year it was so hot, it was pretty unbearable by the end. Team Meat Sweats beat Team Steam.

The Meat Sweats

Team Steam

We started playing a new game called planking this weekend. Basically you act like a board in public places and place the pictures on the internet. Here we are doing a lot of planking.


Yard games were played.

Ladder Golf

As well as some intense games of Farkle, Uno and Racko.

Farkle & Racko

Le and I took a sunset canoe ride on Saturday night.

Sara & Le Canoeing

Sara & Le Canoeing


And here we all are before we had to leave on Sunday. A little different than our sweatshirt group picture from last summer.

Cabin Group

The Girls


jachin said...

Wow... Elysia's planking is pretty impressive.

Sara said...

But not a very impressive photoshop job if you look close.

Annie Haefner said...

Looks fun!!! I go to school in Bemidji and Jeremy (my boyfriend) has a cabin in Crosby/Brainerd area so if you are in Hackensack sometime in August-winter time you should let me know!!!