Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend instead of our normal annual Labor Day Vacation with my dad's family we went to Nickie's brother George's wedding on Saturday and then on Sunday we had a Traxler BBQ at Frannie's house.

George and Brittany during the ceremony.

Brittany & George

Our nephew Ben was the ring bearer in the wedding, so I took a lot of pictures of him in his super adorable outfit. Ben just started really walking a month or two ago, so everyone was unsure if he would actually walk down the aisle or not. He did really well. His Grandma Otto was sitting in the front pew with one of his favorite books, so as soon as he saw that he was off to get his book from Grandma.



Wedding Cake

Sara & Ben

On Sunday we went to Frannie's house for a Traxler BBQ. It was quite the chilly day, but we ate some good food, celebrated the September birthday's (there are at least 10 of us) and played some yard games. It was a good time.

Birthday Cake

Ben, Sara & Nathan

And here is a good majority of the Traxler gang.


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