Friday, September 2, 2011

MN State Fair

Last weekend was pretty busy. On Friday night we went to Acme Comedy Club with Ty, Le, Rickard and Melissa. On Saturday morning I had a photoshoot and I stopped at Caribou on the way home. The car wouldn't start when I tried to leave. The battery had completly died, but it took us a couple hours to figure that out since even a jump start wouldn't recharge the battery. On Saturday night we headed to Lake Elmo to the Drive in Movie Theater. We saw Captain America and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Neither movie was that great, but it was a great night to be outside watching movies.

And on Sunday we headed to the Minnesota State Fair. Elysia lives near the fair so we parked there and walked to the fair from her house. We didn't go until 4pm, but it was a gorgeous day so it was pretty busy when we first got there.

First up was the horse barn and then the Miracle of Birth Barn.

Miracle of Birth Barn

Baby Piglets

Baby Piglets

And then we got some food and Le even got a picture with Sven's cut out.

Le, Patrick and Heather

I really wanted to try the new Sweet Corn Ice Cream from the Blue Moon Diner. And I really enjoyed it. Patrick thought it was ok, but doesn't really think there is a need for veggies in ice cream.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

We sampled some other fair staples including a corn dog, a turkey leg, Sweet Martha's cookies and a pickle on a stick.

State Fair Food

David bought some garlic fries and the burger with wild rice in it. The garlic fries were pretty potent, I am not sure I could handle eating more than the couple I tried.

Garlic Fries

To end the night we saw the sunset at the Midway.



Erin said...

Beautiful photos - I love the sunset!!

jachin said...

What happened to Heather's arm?

Sara said...

Thanks Erin.

Jachin- I think that she was just too fast for the picture so it got super blurred out. It is pretty funny though because it looks like she has no arm.