Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adam & Maran's Housewarming

I am so behind on blogging right now and since I have very few pictures of our trip edited I figured I would catch up on the rest of our September.

On Saturday, September 10th Adam and Maran hosted a housewarming party at their new house. Patrick and I are in love with their new house and they may even inspire us to move to the country someday. The house is gorgeous, they live on 3.5 acres and it's only a short 8 miles from our house.

The previous owners had 10 kids, so we explored some of their old toys. Here are the girls on the playset.

Shanna, Kate & Kasie

And we all had to try out the tire swing.


Shanna & Kate

Kasie & Heather

To end the night we had a nice bonfire, where a couple people got "iced".



Jachin being Iced

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