Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Europe Day 1 - Bon Voyage (September 22nd)

Today was the first day of our 12 day European Adventure through Italy and London. The plan was to fly into Rome, take a train to Florence and then another train to Venice and then fly to London to see the sights and to celebrate Patrick's friend Alex's wedding.

Our Thursday morning was pretty relaxed considering we were leaving the country for the next 12 days. We had packed our backpacks the night before, so really it was just a matter of collecting our phone chargers and small stuff and we were ready to head to the airport. We were also both feeling pretty good considering we had both had stomach issues earlier in the week. I guess our plan to only eat Jimmy John's the few days before the trip paid off.

Here we are with our backpacks. They didn't seem heavy at all when we were at home in 50 degree weather walking the ten steps from our house to the garage.

Our Luggage

Around 11am we made our way to Patrick's work and parked there to take a cab to the airport. Good thing we had them pick us up a little early since someone took the cab we reserved and we had to wait for another one to come pick us up. In the airport we ate lunch at the French Meadow Bakery, that was probably an expensive mistake $25 later we had two sandwiches and water.

We landed in Chicago with out any issues. Here is the beautiful Chicago skyline before we landed.

Chicago Skyline

Chicago & AA Plane

Our one hour flight from Minneapolis to Chicago went very quickly, however the nine hour flight from Chicago to Rome was the longest flight ever. The in flight entertainment sucked. The plane was too small to have individual screens on each seat and the movies they were playing on the main screen weren't that good, so we had to resort to our own entertainment. Patrick played hours of Sudoku and even managed to get to the hard level. I read a magazine, listened to part of an audio book and tried to sleep, but I was pretty restless and not that tired so that was pretty pointless. Needless to say we arrived in Rome at 9:15am Friday morning two very tired people.

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