Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patio Table

Since Patrick has a new job and more time on his hands I suggested he make this patio table. In high school Patrick took quite a few shop classes and we have a lot of those items in our house that he made including a rocking chair, a couple end tables, a nightstand and even a couple games like a chess set and a mini pool table. So, this project ended up being something great to get back into that kind of stuff.

Here are pictures of the building process.

After spending a ton of money at Home Depot we came home with the supplies.



More Supplies

First Patrick glued together the pieces for the legs.


Then Patrick borrowed our friend Adam's miter saw to cut the boards.

Miter Saw

Cut Boards

And because of Patrick's superior math skills, this is the only scrap pieces that were left over.

Scrap Pieces

Patrick then used a clamp to glue and screw the base of the table together.

Using Clamp to Secure Base



Finished  Base

Then he started attaching the top boards to the base.

Putting Boards on top of Base

Putting Boards on top of Base


Here is the table with all the board attached before Patrick added the plugs to fill in the screw holes.

Finished Table Top

He then sanded the table top down and filled in all the holes with plugs.


All Angles of New Table

All Angles of New Table

And all this time I was inside booking hotels for our trip and editing photo sessions. Patrick took all these pictures himself. He did a great job documenting the process.

All Angles of New Table

After the table was built all Patrick needed to do was stain and varnish it.



And here is the finished product just in time for Meat Fest.

Finished Patio Table

Finished Patio Table

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jachin said...

Nice work Patrick. The next chance we have an occasion for a new yard game (which may not be until spring I guess) and you feel like cutting some boards and spending some time in the o'l garage I'd help and front the supplies for a Kubb set.