Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Europe Day 7 - Travel to London (September 28th)

Today we were up before sunrise and headed out to catch the airport shuttle boat to the Venice Airport. We were glad that we made the trek the day before or we probably would have gotten lost in the dark.

Here is the view as we are walking through the streets to the shuttle boat.

Venice Sunrise

Venice Sunrise

The coolest thing about getting to the water boat so early was that we were able to watch the sunrise. I could never motivate myself to actually get up that early without a purpose, so this worked out awesome.

Venice Sunrise

Venice Sunrise


We boarded the boat no problem. The ride to the airport wasn't too bad. There were some French women who insisted that their suitcases be on the top of the pile since they were late for a flight, but other than that it was decent. From the shuttle boat there was a short walk to the terminal. Our airline tickets were through RyanAir. We got in the line for our flight and waited for what seemed like forever to check in our bags. Once we finally got to the front of the line we were over the limit for checked baggage. The weight limit was 15kg and we both had around 16kg. I took out some travel books and my half priced coat. Patrick took out his coat. They weighed our bags again and luckily they said they were close enough so we didn't have to pay the ridiculous fees for overweight baggage.

After we went through security, we went straight to our gate as we were starting to cut it close to making our flight. Little did we know that it would be hours before we finally left Venice. Apparently RyanAir is first come first serve as far as seating goes, so as soon as people think its close to boarding time people start lining up at the gate. We ended up standing in line forever before it moved anywhere. Once the line finally started moving they actually checked your carry on luggage to make sure it wasn't oversized. Once we left the gate we all boarded two different buses to be shuttled to the plane. We then arrived at the plane.

Ryan Air Venice

We all boarded the plane expecting to actually depart Venice after everyone was seated. Well, apparently we lost our place in line at the airport so we had to wait another 45 minutes before the flight took off. Since RyanAir is a discount airline nothing is provided, not even water. We ate the snacks we had in our bags, chocolate bars and salomini's. Another annoying part of RyanAir is they are always trying to sell you something. The solution to that is put your ear buds in and listen to your iPod.

We arrived at London Stansted Airport and had to find a way to the tube station to get to our B&B. We rode an airport shuttle bus to Central London and then took the Picadilly Line to the Southgate Station. The B&B we stayed at was the Wynchgate B&B. It was a short walk from the tube station so we were pretty happy with the location. Our room was really nice. It was very spacious and had it's own bathroom in the room.

Wynchgate B&B

It was 3pm by the time we arrived in London and we hadn't eaten lunch so by this time we were starving. We used the iPhones with the wireless at our place and saw there was a Greek place nearby called The Charcoal Grill. It turned out to be awesome. We even made this one of our feature dishes at the 4th Annual Meat Fest.


We then headed to the tube station to head to Central London to do a little exploring.

Southgate Tube Station

We thought that we could do a little browsing at Harrods that night since we weren't up for too much more after our long day of travel. It ended up being closed by the time we got there, so we decided we would just do a little walking around instead.


We ended up walking to Picadilly Square, Chinatown and Covent Garden. We found a couple gifts and then we headed back to our B&B.

Chinatown London

Despite all the hours sitting on the boat, plane and bus we still managed to walk 19,872 steps or 9.9 miles today.

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