Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Weekend

Our New Year's Weekend this year was pretty relaxed. On New Year's Eve Day we did some shopping and hung out at home. For New Year's Eve we decided we were going to make a nice meal at home. The menu was beef tenderloin, veggies and bread. We were planning on grilling the tenderloin, but it started raining right when we were going to start making it. It ended up being a complete disaster. We over cooked the meat and the veggies were mushy. At least the cookies and wine were good.

wine and cookies

Since it was snowing and didn't want to drive anywhere we decided to walk to the Sherlock Holmes movie. It is a couple mile walk to the movie theater, so we were both soaked by the time we got there. It was so much fun to be outside while it was snowing.

Patrick and Sara

Walk to movie

On Sunday morning we made these Gingerbread Pancakes. Then we watched the Packer game with Adam and Maran.

Gingerbread Pancakes

We made the trek to Nickie & Nathan's house after the game to celebrate Christmas. It was pretty fun to hang out with everyone and watch Ben open presents.



Ben & Grandma

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