Friday, January 6, 2012

Smokey Barbecued Pork

It's been a long time since I posted a recipe, but that doesn't mean we stopped cooking. We first made this pork this summer for a party. Since then Patrick has made this quite a few more times and it is really good and easy to make. We buy the pork shoulder/butt roast from Sam's Club and freeze half of it and make one half with this recipe. The roasts we have made are around 7 pounds, so this makes a ton of food. If we don't eat it all in a week we freeze the rest to bring out later. Here is Patrick's recipe.


Smokey Barbecued Pork

Pork shoulder/butt roast
Chili powder
1 Sliced Onion
1 can adobo chili peppers (in sauce)
1 45 ounce (Sam's Club size) jug o' Famous Dave's BBQ sauce

For Sandwiches
Artisan bread

Cut off as much of the exterior fat as you can. Jab the roast all over with a fork and throw it in a crock pot. Salt heavily (at least a tablespoon, maybe two or three depending on size of your meat). Season lightly (probably no more than a teaspoon of each) with pepper, chili powder, & cumin. Slice the onion like you would for fajitas and dump all over the roast. Slice the adobos into small bits and dump all over the roast. Put in a majority of the BBQ sauce (so roast is covered and partially swimming in it). Cover and let it cook on high until the meat easily falls apart when pulled at with a fork (at least prolly 6 - 8 hours). Pull roast apart with a fork, remove bone (one large chunk) from crock pot, stir in the rest of the BBQ sauce, and let cook on high another 1 hour.

Crock pots are kind of goofy with temperatures these days so use judgement. Serve on some tasty artisan bread with provolone.

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