Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groupon Getaway to Cove Point Lodge

Back in December, Patrick found a Groupon for a one night stay at the Cove Point Lodge in Silver Bay Minnesota. The deal was $139 for a one night stay, dinner, champagne and chocolates. We talked about buying it, but we weren't sure if we wanted to spend the money. Then within the next couple days Patrick received a small bonus at work so decided we may as well. When we booked we decided to stay Friday night as well since it would be more relaxing to be gone the whole weekend.

I have to say this is the most relaxing trip I have ever been on. Packing the car is so quick when we didn't have to bring camping equipment, skiing stuff or any food. It was glorious.

We left Friday afternoon and headed north. As if it isn't already obvious, but we love the North Shore. Since before we were married we visit at least once in the summer and once in the winter. I think we need to put a spring and fall trip on our list.

Our first stop on the trip was actually at McDonald's in North Branch. Patrick has been talking about a Big Mac for months, so what better opportunity to stop than somewhere that is basically the only option.

Once we finally arrived in Duluth, we decided that pizza was our dinner of choice. Are you surprised Luke? I had been to Sammy's Pizza years ago, so I suggested it to Patrick and he was all for it.

Sammy's Pizza

Sammy's Pizza Duluth

After our pizza we headed to the Cove Point Lodge in Silver Bay, Minnesota. It was dark so there wasn't much to see, but we were excited to get to our place.

Our Groupon came with champagne and chocolates in the room. Neither of us are too big of fans of champagne so we didn't end up drinking it all but the process of opening it is always exciting.


Cove Point Room


Cove Point Chocolate

Since we arrived in the dark we couldn't see the view on Friday night, but when we woke up on Saturday morning we realized how beautiful it was.

Our View

The land where the lodge was built on used to be a trading point where fur traders met to exchange goods. The breakfast at the lodge is a Scandinavian breakfast that included hardboiled eggs, cheese, salami and breads. It reminded us of our breakfasts in Europe so we really enjoyed it.



After breakfast we went to town to get some bottled water to drink. We ended up being lured into Silver Bay by a scenic outlook sign. We drive by this Iron Ore plant all of the time when we are up there and I always think it would make some cool pictures, but driving by at 55 mph never makes a good picture. Well lucky for me the scenic outlook was of the plant.

Iron Ore Plant

It was freezing outside and we were not exactly dressed for hiking outside, so after taking a couple pictures we went looking for a coffee place. I saw a sign for the Northwoods Cafe. It ended up being a 70's diner, but the hot chocolate was decent so we can't complain.

Hwy 61

hot chocolate

We returned to the lodge and drove around the area a little. There was a lot for sale so we grabbed the info sheet. The land was selling for $350K, probably out of our price range. We also drove up to this beautiful home right on the lake. If we ever win the lottery we will be building a little log cabin up north for sure.

Sara in mirror

Our Dream House

We parked the car and walked around the lodge. It would be an awesome place to stay in the summer. It is right on the Superior Hiking Trail and there is also access to the Gitchi-Gami Bike Trail Bike that goes by Spilt Rock and Gooseberry Falls.

winter scenery

We spent the rest of our morning enjoying our view of Lake Superior from our room. It was awesome to read magazines while looking out at beautiful Lake Superior.

Enjoying the view

After our relaxing morning we headed to the Cove Point Crossing restaurant for a late lunch. We had pizza again. I guess we love our pizza.

Lunch at Cove Point Crossing

After lunch we planned on walking out to the end of point. We first stopped at Mickey's Fish House. It is pretty cool little shack that has a fire stove, tables and games to play. A nice place to relax.

Sara at Mickey's Fish House

Hike to Cove Point

Cove Point

Hike to Cove Point

Hike to Cove Point

Cove Point Lodge

After our hike we went back to our room to hang out. Later that night we went down to the lobby to play some of the board games. We couldn't remember how to play chinese checkers so Patrick looked up the directions on his phone. After a couple hours of chinese checkers and checkers we had our dinner that was included in with our Groupon.


Patrick looking up Chinese Checkers directions

At dinner Patrick had the Filet Mignon and I had the Cove Point Walleye. Both were very tasty.

filet mignon


After dinner there was a campfire outside so we went to check it out. We met some fellow Groupon travelers at the fire and then ended the night with a trip to hot tub and sauna.

On Sunday morning we had another delicious breakfast, watched some Sunday morning television and then headed home. Here is one last picture of the view from our room. When can we go back? Luckily we don't have too wait long. Our annual trip to Lutsen is only a few weeks away.

view from our room

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