Monday, February 27, 2012

Lutsen 2012

Last Friday we made our annual trek to Lusten for the weekend. Patrick and I have been going on this annual vacation on and off for six years now. This was our third year at the same townhouse at Caribou Highlands. The attendees this year were me, Patrick, Jachin, Erin, Heather, Kate, Jeff, Shanna, Elysia, Nick & Luke. Here are the photos from 2010 and 2011.

Patrick loaded up the Explorer and we were on the road in by noon on Friday. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch on the way, but otherwise we drove straight through to Lutsen.

After we arrived we started off the weekend with pizza and some major relaxing.

Jachin & Erin


We all had a slow start on Saturday morning, but most of us managed to hit the slopes around 10am.

Lutsen Mountain

Shanna & Nick

It was fun to have my little brother Luke along for our skiing/snowboarding adventure. I took him down a Black Diamond on his first run down of the day and he survived as I expected.

Sara & Luke at Lutsen

Here was the group of skiers and snowboarders. Elysia and Heather opted for a little snowshoeing rather than a day of skiing.

The Group at Lutsen

We made the meal planning portion really easy this year. We had Sven & Ole's pizza Friday night's dinner, bagels and fruit for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and walking tacos for dinner. I made some cookies and Chocolate Oatmeal Bars for dessert and of course we stopped at Pizza Luce in Duluth for our Sunday lunch/dinner. The walking tacos really are an awesome meal for a big group. Minimal dishes and super easy just brown some hamburger and put out the rest of the toppings and dinner is ready.

Walking Tacos

Jeff's Birthday

After skiing/snowboarding all day, a trip to the hot tub and dinner we were starting to lose people to exhaustion so we decided starting a game might perk us up. We played a round of spoons and a game at the cabin called Bandu. Bandu ended up being a fun game where you build a structure out of crazy shaped pieces and the last one standing wins.

Jachin & Spoons


Jeff & Kate's Bandu Structure

Here are some of the structures: Luke's, Erin & Jachin's, Patrick's and the winner Jeff & Kate's creation.


On Sunday morning no one was in a hurry to get going, so we all sat around not really wanting to leave. Well, by the time we decided to load up the cars we were in a full on blizzard. Below is the view as we were leaving Caribou Highlands. Needless to say it took a long time to get to Duluth. We stopped in Tofte for gas and were able to hear the waves on Lake Superior crashing against the shore. It was pretty cool to hear and see. When we arrived in Duluth we even saw some people in Lake Superior attempting to surf.

The best part of the trip back was our stop at Gooseberry Falls. We stopped a couple years ago and the melting sound was much more noticeable, but this time we were all just excited to be outside in the snow enjoying it.

Winter Gooseberry Falls

Kate & Jeff at Winter Gooseberry Falls

Winter Gooseberry Falls

Patrick and Sara at Winter Gooseberry Falls

Erin & Jachin's Snowball Fight

Group Photo at Gooseberry Falls

Group Photo at Gooseberry Falls

Group Photo at Gooseberry Falls

Erin & Jachin at Gooseberry Falls

Elysia & Nick

It was an awesome trip that was way too short. There was a good majority of us who really wanted to be stranded up north in the storm, but as adults with responsibilities I guess we had to come back.

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