Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Week ending in a Date Night

We have been busy this week and it wasn't just with me editing photos and Patrick working. On Monday we played volleyball and celebrated Jachin & Erin's engagement with dinner and drinks afterward. I am so excited about having two fall weddings in our group of friends.

Then on Wednesday we broke down and both got both upgraded to the iPhone 4GS. We have had the 3GS since August 2009 so it was time. After getting our new phones in less than 30 minutes we picked up my parents at the airport and drove them home. We stopped by Nickie & Nathan's since we were there. Ben is getting so big. He now knows how to fist bump and can name just about every animal, including elephant which is about the most adorable thing ever.

On Friday afternoon Patrick decided we should go to a Timberwolves game that night. We hadn't gone all year and since they have been doing decent we figured it would be fun. They were playing the Lakers so we weren't likely to get good tickets, but it would be fun to see what we could get. We ended up buying two tickets that weren't even next to each other rather than standing room only and it worked out good. The seats next to me never ended up getting filled so we got to sit by each other. Our seats were not far from the top row, but one perk of siting so far from the action is the entertaining people there. This guy behind us was had some good commentary. Another perk, they gave away free shirts at this game, so for $20 each we got to see the game and free t-shirts. It was a close game, but the T-Wolves ended up losing in the last minute. Also, we found out today that Ricky Rubio tore his ACL in the last minute so he is out for the season. Good thing we went when we did.

Here was our view. Quite a bit different from last year when we went ironically on March 9th as well.

T-Wolves Game

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