Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maran's Baby Shower

Last Saturday our group of friends hosted a baby shower for Maran and her baby girl. We served brunch, decorated onesies, played an unscramble the word game, had a race to see who could diaper an elephant fastest and decorated cupcakes. With Maran being the first mom in our group of friends I think it ended up being fun even for all us non moms.

This was one of the first parties I fully utilized Pinterest for party planning. I found some great ideas on there. I found a printable banner to make a sign for the party. Here is the link to the printable. I also found some great tutorials on onesie decorating and even a few links to printable templates. Since the shower was a group effort everyone else also contributed to the fun.

Erin made this awesome diaper cake for the party. It turned out so cute and really added to the party decor. I ended up having the banner printed at Fed Ex Kinkos because it seemed like a pain to print at home. We also played the necklace game like we did at Nickie & Amy's baby showers. The necklace game is where everyone gets a necklace a the beginning of the party and if someone says baby you can take their necklace away. The person at the end of the party with the most necklaces wins a prize. Heather ended up winning this game pretty outright.


Baby Shower Sign

As far as the food, I made a Ham & Cheese Egg Strata and Portobello & Asparagus Egg Strata for the main entrees. And Elysia, Le & Kate contributed fruit, yogurt, apple muffins and cinnamon rolls. I think everyone enjoyed the food. And it was so nice to have help and only be in charge of the main thing.


Ham & Cheese Strata


I saw the idea for onesie decorating with fun fabric early on in the planning process and I became super excited about how much fun it would be. I really enjoyed picking out the fabric, it really made me want to do some type of sewing project. I thought I was going to get the sewing machine out for this, but I didn't end up needing to. For our onesies I found these two resources very helpful: Daffodil Design & Offbeat Mama.

Our supplies
* pre washed onesies (I ordered ours from Rock Bottom T-Shirts)
* pre washed fabric scraps
* design patterns (Daffodil Design, Offbeat Mama & various clip art)
* heat n bond (I found this at Hancock Fabric)
* good scissors
* sewing pins (to pin the design to the fabric if needed)

Our process
* print out the designs
* cut a fabric scrap to fit the size of the design
* iron the heat n bond to the backside of the fabric
* cut out the design
* peel off the paper backing of the heat n bond
* iron the design on to the onesie

The whole process ended up being way quicker than I originally though it would be. I had a bunch of designs for people to choose from so everyone just chose something and went to work. I helped with the ironing and even was able to make an extra one. I had originally intended to sew the edges, but the heat n bond that I bought recommended you not using a sewing machine on this product. If you wanted to sew the edges it did recommend using a lighter weight heat n bond, so that is an option as well.

Here is the finished product. I think they turned out really cute and I can't wait to see the baby sporting her new onesies.


applique onesies


After onesie project, we played Heather's word unscramble game. Elysia may not know much about babies, but she unscrambled 24 of 25 baby words. Then we gave out Kasie & Shanna's favors, brownie bites and M&M's.

Word Game & Favors

There was a cry baby in two of the M&M favors so those two people had to face off in a blind folded elephant diapering contest. Kate & Le were the chosen ones and Le came away with the victory.

Elephant Diapering

Maran then opened her gifts. We all went in on the stroller they registered for as well as the baby bathtub, wash cloths and towels. The final activity for the day was Elysia's cupcake decorating. She brought the stuff to make baby carriages and baby rattles. We made those and a ton of other creative things. All in all it was a successful shower. Now all that's left is for the baby to arrive so she can enjoy her new stroller.

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake Decorating

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