Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

After my photo sessions on Saturday the plan was to make some turkey meatballs for a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Maple Grove. Ty came over with the ingredients and we got to work. It was sweltering hot cooking in 80 degree heat, but our Irish beer helped us cool off.

Guinness & Ty

Turkey Meatballs

We got to the party dressed in our best Irish attire. The party was pretty fun. The host Mike has huge backyard, big enough for a full sized sand volleyball court and plenty of room for other yard activities as well. During the party many people got into the backyard karaoke. And the people singing were actually decent at singing, so it was enjoyable to listen to. It was a great way to spend an 80 degree St. Patrick's Day.

Green Beer & Patrick

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