Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garage Clean Up

Apparently we are in to cleaning things up lately. In January, I cleaned up the corner of the kitchen & just recently we cleared out the garden. In August we will have lived in our house for four years, so I guess the timing makes sense. We keep accumulating more and more things, eventually it just makes sense to get rid of stuff.

I wish I had a better before photo, but this was all I could find. Basically before Patrick cleaned up the garage the right hand side was filled with stuff. Since the garage is not very wide, it can be very annoying to get out of either car without the door hitting the other vehicle. When Patrick said he would be able to get rid of and entire shelf and move enough to stuff to clear the side, I didn't have a lot of confidence that really could be done.

buick in garage

He ended up moving things we don't use as often to a shed in the back. We also got rid of a lot of stuff that was broken and some other things we never use. The garage looks so nice and everything is very well organized.

Garage Clean Up April 2012

All the camping and sporting good are together on the shelf on the left. The next shelf has a bunch of misc automotive stuff, party supplies and our extra light bulbs.

Garage Clean Up April 2012

The white cupboard system is now home to painting supplies, garden stuff & all our nicely labeled tool bins. And the second photo is of the new empty space on the right side of the garage.

Garage Clean Up April 2012

This took Patrick almost the whole weekend to get everything organized, but it is so nice to have done. Maybe it will even inspire me to get rid of some things in some other areas of our house.

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