Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kendra's Wedding Shower & Easter

Last Saturday after some morning errands we headed to Mankato for my cousin Kendra's wedding shower. The shower was a couple's shower and ended up being pretty fun. They did a baked potato bar for food. There were also lots of games including dress the bride in toilet paper, the newlywed game and cookie decorating.

Baked Potato Bar

Ben had fun chasing the balloons around the party. It kept him entertained for quite a long time.


Everyone was getting into the cookie decorating.

Cookie Decorating

And here are Patrick's creations. He was into making the most obnoxious cookies. He even decorated one with baked potato toppings.

Cookie Decorating

Patrick's Cookie

Ben & Patrick


After the shower we stopped at Kokomo's in Cleveland for some drinks and appetizers. Later that night we went over to Tim & Jeanne's for a bonfire.

On Sunday it was Easter so we were up bright and early for church. This year Patrick and I had to share an Easter basket. And that meant for the first time ever I didn't get frustrated finding my easter basket because Patrick found it for us. After church we went back to my parent's house so everyone else could find their baskets. Ben's basket had some fun balloons in it so we spent some time playing with his presents.

Ben with Easter Gift

Nathan and Nickie recently got chickens so before we went to Mary Lou's for Easter we stopped there to check out the baby chicks. They were pretty cute.

Nathan's Chickens

For Easter we headed to my Aunt Mary Lou's house for lunch. It ended up being a beautiful day, so we hung outside playing bean bag toss, watching the kids look for easter eggs and watching the guys play a game of football.

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