Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Furniture Shuffle

A few weeks ago I decided since I was spending so much time editing photos, I really wanted to have a spot upstairs to have my computer so I didn't feel so far away from everything. At the time our office was downstairs and rarely used because of the inconvenience. So, I moved this card table from the garage and put it in the guest bedroom.

Green Bedroom Before

Patrick was not thrilled about the idea of putting a card table in the bedroom. I guess it does look kind of out of place and he is right I am bound to keep acquiring more and more things in there until it was a mess. So last weekend we did a little furniture shuffle. We moved most of the furniture in this room to the other upstairs bedroom. Then the furniture in that bedroom (a futon and nightstand) went downstairs to the former office. And the desk and file cabinet from the office came upstairs. Before all the furniture shuffling we did go through all of the closets and bookshelves and got rid of ton of stuff we haven't looked at in years.

We both graduated from college six years ago and we have lived in this house for almost four years, so we decided the easiest thing to get rid of was the college binders and books. We have NEVER looked at these, so I doubt we are going to start now. We also got rid of some wedding stuff and a lot of paper I had been hoarding since high school probably.

Throwing out the College Binders

Here is our load to bring to Goodwill. We won't miss those 500 half burnt candles from our wedding almost four years ago.

Goodwill Donations

This is our the second bedroom upstairs, which is now my brother Luke's room for the summer. He has an internship in the Bloomington, so he will be living with us for the summer. He was a lot of help in moving a lot of the bigger stuff around, so it made this process much quicker than if it were just Patrick and I.

Blue Bedroom Before

Blue Bedroom After

The New Office Before
Green Bedroom Before

And After
Office After

Office After

I wish I had a photo of the closet before. It was a disaster. We moved some stuff to other closets so now this closet only has photo and office stuff. Everything is so much more organized, I love it.

Closet After

I don't have a photo of the office before, but here is what it looks like now as a bedroom.

Downstairs Bedroom After

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