Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lake Maria State Park

Last Saturday, Patrick and I headed to Lake Maria State Park in Monticello. It ended up being one of the nicer days of the summer for hiking. The weather had cooled off from 90 and humid, so it was quite comfortable to hike around the park. We went to our site first and set up our tent. Then we spent a couple hours hiking around before coming back to camp just to relax. Patrick took a nap and I read Time magazine's feature on the Olympics. It was really nice to get away and relax.

Lake Maria State Park

Lake Maria State Park

Patrick made us a very nice fire. And we enjoyed it until the mosquitos kicked us out.

Our Campsite at Lake Maria State Park

Our Campsite at Lake Maria State Park

Byorkland Lake

They have quite a few camping cabins at this park. We talked about doing a winter trip to one of these.

Camping Cabin at Lake Maria State Park

Hiking Shoes

Our wonderful dinner of Rice, Beans & Chicken that Patrick made for us.

Cooking Dinner at Lake Maria State Park

And the view from our tent before the thunderstorms rolled in. For the record I enjoy camping, but sleeping outside in a thunderstorm is not that enjoyable or restful.

Before the Rain

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