Friday, August 17, 2012

Building Bean Bag Toss

Before I get too far behind, I better recap last weekend. I had three photo sessions, but I managed to squeeze in a fun trip to Hutchinson to help make six sets of bean bag toss games for Erin and Jachin's wedding.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by their dog Pheboe. I am not a huge fan of dogs, but I really enjoyed having her around.


Patrick had gone earlier since I had a photo session earlier that morning. The board making was in full swing by the time I got there.

Patrick Cutting Boards

The bases for the boards.

Bean Bag Frames

Measuring for Bean Bag Game

Patrick cutting legs

Patrick and Jachin

The legs for the boards.

Bean Bag Toss Legs

Everything was going pretty smoothly until we tried to make the circle cuts. Neither Jachin or Patrick could keep the drill from spinning out of control.


Patrick and Erin

Later that night we were still working on getting the legs attached to the bases and Erin's dad Mike came home. He asked us if the circle drill bit was working. We told him we couldn't get it to work, so Jachin and Erin were out buying a new jigsaw so we could use this other method. He told us he was going to try the circle drill bit and he was able to get it to work. He then went on to do the rest of the boards.

Erin's Dad Mike Rocking the Drill

Bean Bag Toss Tops

That night Patrick and I were able to stay in the barn. It was definitely the only and nicest barn I have ever slept in. Here are some photos of the barn and the rest of the farm. Erin's parents also own the Crow River Winery, which is why they are growing all the grape vines.

Boxelder Farm

Boxelder Farm - Wine Grapes

Boxelder Farm

Boxelder Farm - Table Grapes

Boxelder Farm

Boxelder Farm

Boxelder Farm

Here is Patrick watching the Olympics in our suite in the barn. Pretty awesome, huh.

Boxelder Farm

After I left they got some of the tops attached to the bases. They still aren't completely done with them, but we got a lot done considering there were six sets to make.

Building Bean Bag Toss

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