Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perot State Park

How does it always happen that by the time August rolls around we are booking up every weekend just trying to enjoy every last minute of summer. Well that is certainly the case for us. This year we aren't going on a big vacation, but we have plenty of camping trips scheduled to make up for that.

The first weekend in August we headed to La Crosse to camp at Perot State Park in Trempealeau, Wisconsin with Steve and Sandy. The last time Patrick and I had been there was in August of 2005.

On our ride south we discovered the Wisconsin Great River Road. In the past when we go to La Crosse, we almost always take Hwy 61 on the Minnesota side. Well we ventured to the Wisconsin side for some new scenery.

Wisconsin River Road

After our adventure at Lake Maria State Park the weekend before neither of us was too excited to sleep in a tent again. Since we were car camping this time though we brought our four person tent and a blow up air mattress. That combined with the cooler temperatures made for a really good night's sleep.

Tent at Perot State Park

We went really low maintenance on this trip. For dinner we roasted hot dogs on sticks and had some pickles and chips on the side. Then we roasted some marshmallows for dessert.

Steve Making Fire

Campfire at Perot State Park

Smores Perot State Park

Since we had gotten to the campground later in the afternoon on Saturday, we planned to do some hiking on Sunday. From our visit in 2005 I remembered that the trip to top of the bluff was a pretty cool view, so both Patrick and I really wanted to do that again.

We ended up doing the Black Walnut Nature Trail and part of the River View Trail with Steve and Sandy before lunch.

Hiking Perot State Park

Patrick and Sara

Steve and Sandy at Perot State Park

Hiking Perot State Park

Hiking Perot State Park

For lunch we headed to Ed Sullivan's Supper Club right outside of the park entrance. We had a nice table with a view. We all really enjoyed our sandwiches and bloody mary's.

Ed Sullivan's

After lunch Steve and Sandy had to go home, but Patrick and I headed back to the park to do some more hiking. We ended up hiking up Brady's Bluff and doing a majority of the rest of the River View Trail.

Hiking Brady's Bluff

Hiking Brady's Bluff

On the way home we took the Wisconsin Great River Road again and we attempted to stop at Nelson's Creamery for ice cream. The line was ridiculous so we ended up a Flat Pennies Ice Cream in Bay City instead. This is also when I discovered the insane number of bites on my feet. Later I found out they were sand flea bites. It looked and felt like I had chicken pox on my feet, it was awful. The first night I didn't sleep at all because I was itching my feet so much. Patrick used bug spray with deet in it and he didn't get one bite, so I guess that will teach me to use that in the future.

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